10 Minute Step Challenge.

We have some exiting new additions to the app, one of them being the 10 minute step challenge!


We created this new feature as a little bit of fun to get your hearts racing. You can also climb up that leader board and get your competitive head on, beat your best buddy or compete against your colleagues.

It’s simple head to the apps home page and hit the 10 Mins step challenge icon, click on the “Take the challenge” Icon and then hit start- This will automatically now count your steps over the next 10 minutes and then stop after 10 minutes!

Once you have finished you can track your results on the leader board section within the app, this is under “10 minute leader boards”

To do the 10-minute step challenge you will only need your phone handset. Why?
Because it uses the inbuilt step counter within your phone.

So, can I use a different device?
Unfortunately not, various trackers measure activity in different ways so the fairest way to do this is to use the phones in built step counter as these all collect the same data.

What if my phone isn’t tracking it properly?
The power of technology is it sometimes goes wrong! The app only picks up the data from the phone, if the sensors in the phone aren’t working properly then the phone can miss steps.

Lastly… I hear you say “What if I have long legs but my colleague has short legs” Fair question… Take smaller strides!

It’s all just for fun so enjoy taking the challenge, climbing that leader board and getting those steps in!

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