What are unsupported venues?

unsupported venues


unsupported venues are those highlighted in purple on the bounts Venue Map. unsupported venues were launched to give all bounts members a chance of earning points from a check-in regardless of whether a gym or sports venue wanted to invest in more reliable technology offering a seamless check-in experience. 

Check-in to gyms and sports venues worldwide using your mobiles GPS.

bounts members have reported thousands of healthy venues to the bounts team. We then check with Google that this venue exists. If the venue is genuine we draw a 'bounts zone' around it. This means that we are able to see your mobile when you enter the 'bounts zone'. Providing you have the right settings switched on and you stay for at least 30 minutes - you should earn points. 

Mobile settings required

Location services: always
Mobile data: on
Bluetooth: on

GPS: on

Note: you are also required to have ‘auto check-in’ switched on within the bounts app and you must be logged into the app when you enter an unsupported venue.


Unfortunately, we don’t have global knowledge of every gym or sports venue. We're relying on you to help us. If the pin is in the wrong location - we are relying on you to update us so we can move it to the correct location. 

GPS can be unreliable and is influenced by factors such as tall buildings or thick walls. Therefore we are unable to guarantee you will receive your points if you are attending an unsupported venue. We are also unable to provide any support. 

We are constantly working on ways we can improve check-ins at unsupported venues that use mobile GPS. Let us know if you have any ideas!

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    Sara Weaver

    I mentioned you at my gym today, so if they sign up with you, how will I be able to "claim my reward" for introducing you both ?

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    Hi Sara, just let your Gym know your referral code and ask them to quote it when they join Bounts.

    Bounts Team.

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    Greg Lucas

    I use to automatically gain bounts points for swiping in at my local Expressions gym, however nothing has been logged for the past 3 weeks, all seems ok from my account and the gym doesn't know why they are not registering, any ideas?


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    Hi Greg,

    Parkwood reached the end of their trial period with bounts. So, if you’re swiping your membership card and no longer earning bounts, this is no longer active until Parkwood make a decision whether they wish to move forward with bounts.

    You will find more information in the below article:


    Hope this helps.


    Bounts Team.

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