What are bounts venues?

bounts venues

bounts venues are those highlighted in green on the bounts Venue Map. These venues are proactive supporters of bounts and they want to reward you for being active. These types of venues have invested in technology that allows you to track, and be rewarded for your visits in the following ways;

By scanning your membership card

We have joined forces with some gyms and sports venues and connected to their membership system. For these venues, members or membership card holders earn points every time they scan in. This is a seamless way of tracking your visits and being rewarded. You'll need to check with your gym or sports venue to see if they offer this. 

By using your smartphone to search for a bounts beacon

If your gym or sports venue don't offer membership card scanning, they'll have a bounts beacon (if their icon is green on the bounts Venue Map). For these venues, members check-in using their smartphone. Switch on bluetooth and launch the bounts app. You can leave it running in the background. Your mobile will constantly be searching for a bounts beacon whilst you are there. Once your mobile has seen the bounts beacon - you will be rewarded with points. 

Attending a bounts venue is the most reliable way of being rewarded for attending gyms and sports venues across the world. 

Not all gyms or sports venues are proactively supporting bounts - so we launched 'unsupported venues'. These are all the other gyms and sports venues across the world. You can read more about unsupported venues here 


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