(Lifestyle Tracker)

Track 7,000+ steps in a single day

bounts members - earn 20 points 

 Track 14,000+ steps in a single day

bounts members - earn 40 points  

Track 21,000 steps in a single day

bounts members - earn 60 points (daily maximum) 

1. Track a minimum of 7,000 steps in a single day

2. Sync your Jawbone device to the Jawbone app/web dashboard

3. Log in to bounts and refresh your history 

4. Watch your points balance grow 

Jawbone FAQ'S 

I've connected my Jawbone to bounts but my points aren't updating. Why? 

Have you achieved the minimum activity requirements?

The minimum activity requirement for Jawbone is to achieve at least 7,000 steps in a single day. 

Are you syncing your Jawbone?

You need to sync your Jawbone to the Jawbone app/web dashboard. When you do the activity is automatically sent to bounts. Note: it can take a few hours for your points to update. 

Have you refreshed your bounts activity history?

You need to refresh your bounts activity history for your points to update. How?

bounts app - from the menu items hit the sync icon and then head to your history. Using your finger pull down on the history screen and your points will update. 

bounts website - from the menu items head to 'my points'. If your points haven't refresh yet refresh your web browser. 

Are you following all of the rules?

1. Steps must be tracked automatically. We don't accept manually entered steps. 

2. You may have already reached the maximum number of points possible for daily steps; bounts members - 60 points/21,000 steps.

I'm receiving an error message when I try to connect my Jawbone to bounts. Why?

Have you got another bounts account?

You can only connect one Jawbone account to bounts. We don't allow people to connect the same app/device to multiple accounts.

Are you entering the correct details?

Check with the Jawbone app/website that you are using your correct details. 

That didn't help. What now?
 Send us a support request explaining your issue in detail and we'll be able to look into it for you. 

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