Earn bounts points and credits for attending gyms and sports venues across the globe. 
Understanding the different methods of check-ins
Some gyms pay to be a part of bounts. This is the most reliable way of earning bounts points and credits from your gym or sports venue. Typically, you earn bounts points and credits when scanning your gym card or scanning a key tag, provided by your gym or venue. 
Smartphone Check-in
However, not all gyms want to pay to be a part of bounts, so we launched what's called 'Smartphone Check-in'. This featured is delivered via background tracking in the bounts app. It's delivered on a best-efforts-basis as we've tried to avoid people missing out on check-in points if their gym or sports venue don't want to pay. It's not the most reliable way of earning points, but it was an additional feature we launched. We're constantly working on improving it. The ambition is that this feature evolves so much that it can be delivered on a guaranteed basis. 
You can find what's called the 'Venue Map' under the bounts app or website menu items. You'll need an Android or iPhone that supports this method of checking-in. 
How can you earn points?
If you have your Apple or Android mobile with you, and you’ve downloaded the bounts app you can earn bounts points providing you are doing all the right things:

Mobile Settings
Bluetooth - on
GPS - on
Location services - always
Use mobile data - on
Note: you may already have most of these settings setup correctly
bounts App Settings
Auto Check-in - on
Current location - allow
Logged in to app - yes
Note: you are required to be within the venue for at least 30 minutes to qualify for bounts points and credits.
Note: Bluetooth left on all the time can drain the battery on some smartphones. We have optimised the app as much as we can but if you do have a big drain then turn-off “automatic check-ins” and only use it when you need it. The GPS on your handset can also contribute to battery drain. GPS does not use mobile data or eat into your data plan. A very small amount of data (less than an email) is sent to the bounts server to award you with points. If you are concerned about cost, please check with your mobile provider or do not use this check-in service.
We are the first to admit that this isn’t a precise way of tracking a check-in but it does mean that we can offer it to as many people as possible without needing every sports venue to agree and sign-up properly.  It's delivered to you on a best efforts basis. Unfortunately we won’t be able to look up missing points or check for missing attendances. There are so many variables that it’s hard to support.

We are able to check data for bounts members who have their gym membership card integrated with bounts. This means it's easy for us to check your points for attending the gym. This includes partners such as; Active Stirling, Fusion Lifestyle (Oxford). We can also provide support for those scanning a key tag. 

Due to so many variables with your handset, such as GPS, settings etc we are unable to provide support if you're using the bounts app to ''check-in''. It's delivered on a best efforts basis until we find a more guaranteed solution. We're working on it. 
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    Hi there, I go to a gym called halo leisure in Hereford and I had a message to say you've teamed up. I have a gym card to check in to the gym but there are no current options on your website for me to link my halo card to my bounts account.

    Please help


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    Hi Steven,

    We are soon to launch our partnership with Halo. Please check the following article for and more information and updates.

    Hope this helps.

    Many thanks,

    Bounts Team.

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