Track steps and check-in at venues

Earning your first bounts (points) is simple. 


If you haven't already, download the bounts app iOS  Android  

Start Stepping 

iOS: Once you've downloaded the app and created your account, you'll be prompted to connect to ''HealthKit''. HealthKit collects your steps data that you accumulate over the duration of the day. Providing you allow the bounts app to work with HealthKit, your steps will accrue and you'll be rewarded for them.

If you need more help when it comes to HealthKit, view our support article here

Android: You can now connect to Google Fit. View all other connected apps here

Check-in at Venues

bounts lets you check-in at sports venues all across the world. You need to have downloaded the bounts app on to your iOS or Android device to be able to earn points for check-ins. There are a few requirements such as ''automatic check-ins'' being switched on in the bounts app and Bluetooth being turned on too. You can see the full requirements here check-in requirements

Find your nearest sports venues by viewing our Venue Map. This can be found in the bounts apps and on our website. Dwell within the location for 30 minutes and providing that you are meeting all of the requirements,  you'll earn bounts points and credits. 

Find the Venue Map...

Apps: Menu --> Venue Map --> Search for Venue

Web: Menu --> Venue Map --> Search for Venue

You'll see that a few of the venues have different names; they have their own meaning.

Your Location: where you are at that precise moment in time on the map

Bounts Venues: bounts members can earn bounts points here

Active Venues: bounts members can earn bounts points here

Unconfirmed Venues: Need to be activated by bounts members.

For the full details with regards to check-ins, view This article

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