How do I add a Venue to the Venue Map?

To report a venue please follow these instructions;

Launch the Venue Map in the bounts app or on the bounts website 

Type in the FULL address (listed on Google) into the search box

A pin will drop. Click report on the pin


The venue will be flagged up to the bounts team and will be verified with 7 days.

Smartphone Check-in works by using GPS. If you’re storing your mobile somewhere with limited or no GPS, you unfortunately won’t receive a successfully check-in. The same also goes for having no mobile data or GPS.

Due to so many variables with everyone’s handsets, we unfortunately are unable to provide any support for Smartphone Check-ins. Should the pin of the venue be in the wrong location, let me know and we can update this for you. Otherwise the only thing I can do is refer you to this article;


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