The pin for my gym or sports venue is in the wrong place. How do I update it?

We are relying on bounts members and Google to provide accurate information with regards to the location of gyms and sports venues worldwide. 

From time to time the pin for your venue may be in the wrong place. 

To move the pin of your venue to the correct location, we'll need your help... 

Send an email to with the following information;

1. The EXACT name of the venue as it appears on the bounts Venue Map

2. Head to the venue and launch the bounts app. Open up the Venue Map

- Compare your location (blue icon) with the location of the pin that belongs to your venue
- Take a screenshot if you can

3. Advise where the correct location of the pin is

The bounts team will then follow the instructions in your email to update its location for you.   

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