What is the bounts Venue Map?

The bounts Venue Map lets you search, find, add and check-in at gyms and sports venues worldwide. 

You can find it by searching for 'Venue Map' within the bounts app or on the bounts website. You'll need a smartphone to check-in and earn points with your mobile, though!

The bounts Venue Map highlights gyms and sports venues all over the world and consists of two types of venues; bounts venues and unsupported venues

bounts venues are proactive supporters of bounts. They want to reward you for attending. These types of venues have invested in technology that allows you to earn reliable check-ins. Check whether your venue offer membership card scanning or bounts beacon check-ins.

unsupported venues are all the other venues across the world. These are venues that bounts members have reported. When a bounts member identifies a venue we check with Google to confirm that the venue exists. If it does, we draw a ‘bounts zone’ around it that allows us to see your mobile when it’s there. Check-in using your mobile phones GPS. This is delivered on a best efforts basis as GPS can be unreliable.  

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