How do I earn rewards for being active?

You connect your fitness apps or devices to bounts once you have created an account. You only have to connect your apps or devices once. 

When you connect your app or device the activity requirements are explained. You are required to complete 7,000 steps in a single day if you're using a device such as a Fitbit. If you're using an app such as runkeeper you'll need to complete a 20 minute walk/run above an average speed of 4km/h. If you've got a smartphone you can check-in at your gym or sports venue.

Every activity earns you points. 

bounts members earn 20 points per activity and they can earn up to 180 points per day.

You then redeem your points entering challenges for rewards or purchasing product from the shop using points+cash or donating your points to our partners such as CRUK. 

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