How do I connect my fitness app or device?

You're only required to connect your fitness apps or devices once. 

To connect your fitness app or device you'll need to have a bounts account.

You'll then need to provide some unique credentials. This is likely to be the username/password combination that you used when registering with your particular fitness app or device.

Don't worry - this is just for the connection process. We don't store any usernames/passwords.

Now that you're connected your activities will flow through to bounts automatically. All you need to do is login to bounts regularly for your points to update.  

Once you've logged in refresh your history for your points to sync.


bounts app - from the menu hit the sync icon and then head to your history. Using your finger pull down on the history screen. Your points will start syncing.

Web - from the menu head to ''my points''. If your points haven't yet synced, refresh your browser.

Repeat this process every few days if possible. Fortnightly at most. 

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