I've connected my fitness app or device, but my points aren't updating - why?

Are you achieving the activity requirements? 

Typically the minimum activity requirements for the apps or devices we connect to are as follows;

7,000+ steps in a single day 

20 minutes of GPS tracked activity above an average speed of 4km/h 

30 minutes at your gym/sports venue 

Other minimum activity requirements;

75 MEPS / MOVES (MYZONE / mywellness)
20 minutes duration (Preva / LFConnect / SWIMTAG)
500 Misfit Points (Misfit) 

Card / Key Tag Scan (participating venues) 

If the activity is sitting under ''Other Activities'' you might not have met the minimum activity requirements of your respective app or device. 

Are you syncing your fitness app or device? 

Each app or device has a different way of syncing. Devices that connect to an app or web dashboard sync when you upload your data. Fitbit and Garmin are examples of this. Apps such as Moves app or Health app sync when you open the app - best to do this last thing at night. Apps such as runkeeper, Strava or mapmyfitness sync when you save the activity. Gym equipment such as LFConnect and mywellness save your activity automatically using the cloud providing you have logged in to the equipment. 

Have you refreshed your bounts activity history? 


bounts app - from the menu hit the sync icon and then head to your history. Using your finger pull down on the history screen. Your points will start syncing.

Web - from the menu head to ''my points''. If your points haven't yet synced, refresh your web browser.

Sometimes it could take a couple of hours for your activities to update.

Repeat the above process every few days if possible. Fortnightly at most.

If you've done that, perhaps there is another reason...

Are you following all of the rules?

If you have met the minimum activity requirements and your activity is sitting under ''Other Activities'' you may not have adhered to all of the rules...

1. Steps must be tracked automatically and not be manually entered.

2. You may have completed another GPS activity or Check-in less than 1 hour ago. You need to leave it at least 1 hour before multiple tracking. (Note: you can track steps all day). 

3. bounts members can earn a maximum of 20 points for each of the following; 7,000 steps, 20 minutes of GPS tracked exercise and Check-ins. 3 x Each activity. Maximum 180 points.

4. You may have paused/edited your workout. Unfortunately we don't award activities that have been paused or edited. 

If we still haven't managed to answer your query, please submit a support ticket and we can look into it further for you. 

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