How do I add a gym or sports venue to the bounts Venue Map?

The bounts Venue Map allows you to add gyms/sports venues to then earn points for attending using GPS with your smartphone (iOS or Android). This is delivered on a best efforts basis.

Premium members can add a venue by following these instructions; 

- Launch the Venue Map in the bounts app or on the bounts website 

- Type in the FULL address (listed on Google) into the search box

- A pin will drop. Click report on the pin

The venue will be flagged up to the bounts team and will be verified within 7 days.

Not all venues may be approved. If the address provided shows only a postcode, or a home address for example - Google doesn't identify it as a genuine gym or sports venue so we therefore can't approve it. This is to prevent people adding their home address and earning points. 

The bounts Venue Map works by you flagging a venue up. We then verify this venue and draw a 'bounts zone' around the venue which allows us to see your handset when it enters the 'bounts zone'. Providing we can see your mobile for at least 30 minutes - you'll earn points. 

Smartphone Check-in works by using GPS. Unfortunately with limited GPS you may experience issues achieving a successful Check-in. 

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