How do I report a venue to be added to the bounts Venue Map?

bounts members are constantly adding new venues to the bounts Venue Map. To report a venue you need to follow the instructions below;

1. Login to your bounts account
2. Launch the bounts Venue Map from the menu within the bounts app or on the bounts website
3. Type in the full address of your gym or sports venue
4. If your gym or sports venue isn't already on the map, a grey pin will drop
5. Hit 'report' to flag your gym or sports venue to the bounts team

Providing your gym or sports venue exists on Google and the address provided is sufficient your venue will be approved by the bounts team within 7 days. If the address wasn't sufficient or your venue doesn't exist on Google - it will be declined.

If after 7 days your gym or sports venue doesn't appear on the bounts Venue Map you can contact us on to provide further information and a website link to prove that the venue exists.

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