Earn points for fundraising with Cancer Research UK

bounts members are already taking steps to being more active and becoming healthier, and earning points whilst doing so. Now, as well as collecting points by taking part in events, going to the gym, or even taking the kids out for a walk in the park, members are being rewarded for their fundraising efforts too. By linking their JG page to their app, members can earn even more points by raising money for Cancer Research UK. So whether you’re training and raising sponsorship for a 10k, a marathon or Race for Life, you’ll be helping to protect yourself against cancer, supporting the charity’s life-saving work and ultimately getting more rewards too. Stay active and help us beat cancer right now.


Active Events

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Fundraise up to race day and

Earn 500 points for every £100 you raise


Promoted Events

Morrisons Great North Run


Earn 1,500 points for every £400 you raise

Scottish Half Marathon


Earn 50 points for every £10 you raise

Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon


Earn 5,000 points for every £1,000 you raise


How does it work?

Connect your JG page to your bounts account via the 'my apps' page of the app. You're only required to connect once.

Visit this page regularly to see which events we are rewarding fundraising efforts for. We'll constantly be updating this page.

Once you achieve the fundraising target in the Active Events the bonus points will be credited to your account. Your points will appear under 'History' within a few hours of you achieving the target.


When will I receive my points?

Points will be credited to your account within a few hours of you achieving the fundraising target.

Can I earn points every time I achieve the fundraising target?

Yes. ''Earn 5,000 points for every £1,000 you raise'' means exactly that. Raise £2,000 and you'll earn 10,000 points.

What if my event isn't listed?

We'll constantly be adding events to the list. Keep an eye out for your event. If we start rewarding fundraising efforts for your particular event we'll let you know (providing you have connected your JG page).

We're available to chat on support@bounts.it if you have any questions.

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