I have uploaded my receipt - what do I do now?

Once you have uploaded your receipt, head to the Sugar Rush page here - https://core.bounts.it/pg/manage/sugarrush/

Click on the ‘Manage Receipt’ tab to see a list of your uploaded receipts.  Then click ‘Edit receipt’ to view your receipt in more detail.

Then follow these steps to manage your receipt:

  • Specify the people who will consume this grocery shop
  • Tell us how long you expect the majority of this shop to last for. If you want to be really specific, further down the page you will have the option to specify how long each specific item will last for
  • You will see that some of your products have already been matched to similar items in our food database. If an item doesn’t have a match, or you don’t agree with the match, then click ‘Edit’ next to the product in order to manually match the item.
  • You can search for products in the database, or add a new item altogether. You will need to use the nutritional data listed on the items packaging to add a new product to the database
  • Once you are happy with the match, click ‘Select Product’ and move onto the next item.
  • If you have any non-food & drink items, you can exclude these from the receipt by ticking the ‘Exclude’ button next to the item
  • Once you are happy with your changes, click ‘Save receipt’ to store your updates.
  • Now you can find out what’s really in your grocery shop!
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