What can I do with my bounts points?

Accumulate points every time you are active and redeem your points in a number of inspiring ways: 


Unlock Challenges

Redeem your points to enter one of our many challenges suitable for everyone. Challenges explained here.


Get Exclusive Offers

Redeem your points for discounts from amazing brands. Get the latest gadgets and sportswear from our online shop. Use your points to save more.


Enter Competitions

Redeem your points to enter our online competitions where you could win an incredible stack of prizes. Available in the bounts shop.


Donate to Charity

Help beat cancer sooner by donating your points to Cancer Research UK. When bounts and CRUK Active users kindly donate their points to Cancer Research UK, those points are immediately put in Cancer Research UK’s account. These are then either withdrawn, giving the charity an equivalent financial donation, or are reinvested by Cancer Research UK into their own rewards app, CRUK Active, to encourage and reward users for fundraising. This allows the charity both to save costs, and to increase their fundraising return from supporters.


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